Own engineering specialised in the design and mechanical calculation made up of a highly-qualified and interdisciplinary team, focused on the design and calculation of structures in compliance with the regulations and technical bodies of each country (Eurocode/ CTE/JIS/METI/AISI), handling the most advanced 3D design and calculation software.


All our engineering and manufacturing process, from the design and calculation, to the development and termination of the project rigorously follows the procedures of standard UNE En1090.


We manufacture 100% of all the components of the structure, thus achieving to optimise the manufacturing times and reduce costs.

  • Layout design of the park
  • Design and structure with the maximum optimisation and calculation of the structure following the country’s regulations
  • Ramming testing for structure verification
  • Land topography
  • Manufacture of the structure
  • Installation of the structure, placing and connection of the photovoltaic panels
  • Management of the works
  • End of construction final report
  • After-sale service


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