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It is a  flexible, simple and non-invasive system for mounting photovoltaic panels. Specially designed for installation on roofs.

The anchoring system can be attached to various types of roofs using different specialized anchoring methods.

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Direct mount system

Designed for fastening panels to the different anchoring system models. Lightweight, adaptive, secure and waterproof, this set is ideal for deck mounting.

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Anchor methods

We have different models specially designed to adapt to a variety of roof profiles.

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Deck clips

Depending on the model, the system can be anchored to the counterweight system or directly to the roof deck plate using the following elements:

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Triangle System

The fixing system with metal profiles was designed  to increase the use of solar radiation regardless of the roof's inclination or orientation.

Metallic profiles in a triangular configuration are used as a base for the installation of the modules, to achieve the optimal slopes. 

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