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Designed to meet the needs of the energy sector, our Tracker model combines clean energy generation and adaptability in a single system. 

All parameters are adjustable to your needs: wind speed for storage position, manual control of each tracker in the field, among others.

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All parameters are adjustable to your needs:

  • Wind speed for storage position

  • Manual control of each follower in the field

  • tracker height

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Optimized design to connect as many lines as possible to a single motor, and withstand wind loads according to the Eurocode and the requirements of each project, whether in a work or safety position; obtaining maximum energy efficiency with a minimum number of elements.


The communication between the central control unit and each Tracker controller is carried out through a wireless communication network.


The Mesh Network interconnects each Tracker for efficient transport of commands and orders to their destination. Each Tracker works as a receiver and repeater at the same time.

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