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That comply with first level specifications and standards


Designed to meet the needs of the agricultural sector, the new AgriTracker model combines clean energy generation and crop protection from inclement weather in a single system.


Systemsagritrackerthey respond to the specific sunlight needs of the crops to be protected, while maximizing their energy production. 


Our Plot for roofs is  a flexible, simple and non-invasive system for mounting photovoltaic panels. It is specially designed to achieve a faster, easier and safer installation  on roofs.

The anchoring system can be attached to various types of roofs using different specialized anchoring methods.


Conceived to combine clean energy generation and adaptability in a single system. With parameters adjustable to your needs: wind speed for the storage position, manual control of each tracker in the field, among others. The system tracker features tracking control designed exclusively for Universal, very low power consumption is possible. 


Designed to meet the needs of the energy sector, our model of fixed structure combines   adaptability and clean energy generation in a single system. All parameters are adjustable to the needs of the project.

Composed entirely of cold-formed thin-walled steel sheet profiles, guaranteeing the best structural performance and maximum lightness.

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